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11+ Group Tuition Sessions

If your child wishes to go to one of the local Grammar schools at the beginning of Year 7, they will need to first pass an 11+ Entrance Examination. Grammar schools select the most academically able pupils based only on these examination results.


Poole Grammar School (for boys), Parkstone Grammar School (for girls), Bournemouth School (for boys) and Bournemouth School for Girls provide selective education for pupils aged 11-18. They require that all prospective pupils sit an entrance examination in the September when the pupil has just started Year 6. All pupils sit 3 exam papers in total: GL Assessment English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning. These take place on a Saturday morning at one of the schools and each exam lasts for just under an hour. 

All of the Grammar Schools also have individual Admissions Policies which specify other requirements (such as the child's home address, any SEND considerations etc.) Even if a child passes the 3 examinations, there is no guarantee that they will be automatically offered a place at the school. Please contact the schools directly or look on their websites for full details before signing up your child for 11+ Group Tuition Sessions.

'Love to Learn' offers weekly small group 11+ Tuition Sessions to children face to face at the garden learning room in Colehill, or online. These sessions continue throughout the Summer holidays every year. Each group contains a maximum of 6 children. Each session lasts for 45 minutes. In these sessions, we prepare the children for the styles and types of questions contained within the GL Assessment Papers. We teach them exam techniques, familiarise them with the content of each paper and practise under timed conditions.

English and Verbal Reasoning sessions are run by Emily. 

Maths sessions are run by John.

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