Child learning at home

Why teach children outside of the classroom?

There is never just one reason why parents decide to remove their child from school and educate them at home. It is usually a decision taken after much careful thought and consideration. Having spoken to a number of home tutors, the reasons can include: long-term illness, bullying, religion, anxiety, mental health problems, agoraphobia, parents'  strong desire to teach a broader/different/subject specific curriculum, parents are teachers themselves, travel, and professional acting or musical career. 

Whatever the reason, 'Love to Learn' offers children the opportunity to be educated in their own home or within my home during the normal school day hours.

Whilst I am primarily an English teacher, my 12 years of teaching experience has seen me teach Maths, ICT, Geography, History, RE, PSHE, Media Studies, Music, French and Drama. As a learning practitioner, I will ensure that your child is given an educational experience which will be created in collaboration with yourself.

Please get in touch to discuss your own child's needs in more detail.