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Key Stage 3:
children in years 7, 8 and 9

For some children, they begin a new secondary school as they enter Year 7. However, many youngsters in Dorset are part of the Middle School system so continue in the same school until the end of Year 8. 

Regardless of where your son/daughter goes to school, or what system they are a part of, all pupils are expected to be ready to take on the challenge of GCSE English Language, Literature and Maths by the end of Year 9. In fact, some schools are now introducing GCSE subjects at the beginning of Year 9!

If you feel that your child needs help keeping their head above water and in line with their peers during these years, 'Love to Learn' can support in any way that is necessary. This could mean extra reading comprehension practise, language analysis & exploration, focus on ratio, percentages or shape, or perhaps a gentle introduction to the GCSE English or Maths syllabus to allow them time to adjust to the change of expectations at this higher level of education. 

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